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Chevy Inspires Celebrities to Be Nice to Their Assistants for One Day

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Sofia Vergara sticks her tongue out in a Chevrolet #DayItForward campaign

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara surprises her personal assistant with a gift

In the world of 30 Rock, Leap Day is a time for doing something spontaneous—as they say, “real life is for March” (also, there’s a weird Santa Claus-type mascot for the holiday named Leap Day Williams). But Chevrolet is celebrating it a bit differently, with #DayItForward, a promotional stunt encouraging people to do something nice for someone during this extra 24 hours.

For celebrities, that means being nice to their personal assistants. Like today, instead of Mario Lopez making his assistant bring him coffee (and then spitting it in her face when he tastes that she forgot the cream), he brought coffee to her!! What is this, some kind of crazy, backwards world wear people where hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people?

But it’s not just coffee—Lopez gave his loyal assistant the day off, and booked her a weekend stay at Malibu Beach Inn, which was clearly chosen because of its name recalls that of a certain mid-size Chevrolet.

“You can take your boyfriend, if you want…” Mario says magnanimously, still leaving open the possibility that she might choose to take him on this all-expense paid trip.

Sofia Vergara, meanwhile, also did a nice thing for her personal assistant:

As someone who is neither famous nor employed by a famous person, I suspect I have a rather uneventful Leap Day ahead of me. Like most of you, I’ll probably just veg out on USA’s all-day marathon of Leap Dave Williams, the classic comedy about a mild-mannered lawyer who finds himself turning into Leap Day Williams.