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Chevy Owners Used 4.22 Petabytes of Data Last Year

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Chevrolet 4G LTE data usage by quarter

Chevrolet has revealed that in 2016, Chevy owners in the US used 4,220,684 gigabytes (or 4,220 terabytes) of data, representing a whopping 200% increase over 2015 usage. The biggest jump was in Tahoe and Suburban owners, who used three-and-a-half times more data in 2016 than they did the year before.

OnStar 4G LTE enabled by AT&T is just one of the many available technologies that have propelled the Tahoe and Suburban to their position as the best-selling full-size SUVs in the industry. In 2016, the retail sales were up 21%, with retail share increasing by 2% to 49.3% of the segment.

“As a strategic plan to grow retail sales, Chevrolet has continually invested in new safety, convenience and connected technologies across our trucks, utilities and cars,” said Alan Batey, the president of GM North America and global head of Chevrolet. “We are attracting new buyers to Chevrolet by offering technologies like OnStar 4G LTE not available on competitive models. New owners are in turn more likely to become repeat Chevrolet customers as these features become an integral part of their day-to-day lives.”

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Use of OnStar 4G LTE data has grown exponentially among Chevy owners, who have taken advantage of the ability to stream video on a tablet, send email on a laptop or other device, or play online using a gaming console in their vehicles.

Tahoe and Suburban owners specifically used 713,669 gigabytes of data last year, representing a 260% increase over 2015. To put that into perspective, 713,669 gigabytes is equivalent to roughly 3 million hours of streaming standard video, 25 million hours of streaming music, 1.5 billion photos posted to social media, or 1.8 billion downloads of songs, games, or apps.

After being introduced to the Chevy lineup in 2015, today OnStar 4G LTE connectivity comes standard on all new Chevrolet retail models, as is OnStar Basic Plan, which features remote vehicle access and the myChevrolet mobile app.

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