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Chevy Presents More Episodes of #SmallTalk with Al Madrigal

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Chevy Sonic Small Talk with Al Madrigal screenshot

Chevrolet is continuing to market its small cars to Millennial buyers with episodes of “#SmallTalk,” a tongue-in-cheek chat show that Al Madrigal hosts… while driving one of the bowtie brand’s more compact offerings.

The first episode featured Madrigal in a Chevy Sonic, where he was joined by Best Coast lead singer Bethany Cosentino. For the second episode, Madrigal traded up to a Chevy Spark, and brought in comedian and Girl Code star Alice Wetterlund as his guest.

Take a look:

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The episode also features a commercial for grandmas, paid for by somebody’s grandmother. (That’s right, there’s a fake commercial for grandmas in the middle of this real commercial for Chevys, if you can wrap your head around that…)

The third and presumably final episode features the show’s biggest setting yet—the interior of a Chevy Trax. To take advantage of the extra space, Madrigal brings in the show’s first-ever “studio audience,” who are treated to the comedy stylings of Rory Scovel.

Check it out:

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These videos and more additional content can be found at, a website designed to advertise the Spark, Sonic, and Trax.

“The Spark, Sonic and Trax all target a younger, more socially savvy buyer,” said Steve Majoros, Chevrolet’s director of cars and crossovers. “When we looked at reasons for purchase, cross consideration and demographics, we found a number of similarities. By aligning these products we can be more strategic and create more engaging, sharable content that speaks directly to this audience.”

“Sonic, Spark and Trax customers are likely to be first-time new car buyers and traditionally are more likely to stay with the brand as their needs and lifestyle changes and they need to move up to a bigger sedan or SUV,” Majoros added. “We’ve introduced a lot of new vehicles in the last few years and the new website is a great way to expose a portion of our portfolio that not everyone knows about.”