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Chevy Retail Sales Up Slightly in May; Bolt Deliveries Continue to Rise

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2017 Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet saw a slight uptick in retail sales in May, with deliveries rising 0.3% at 126,451 units. Overall sales were down 3.8% at 162,950 units.

At retail, the Malibu and Camaro were Chevy’s biggest gainers among cars with respective increases of 40% and 6%. The Malibu’s increase was enough to help the vehicle post its best month at retail since October 1980. Retail crossover sales were also strong thanks to a 17% increase for Equinox, 2% increase for Traverse, and 18% increase for Trax.

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Additionally, 1,438 Chevrolet Bolt EVs were delivered to retail customers in May, marking its best month since launch. Total Bolt sales amounted to 1,566 units, bringing its to-date delivery total to 5,950 units.

Overall, Chevrolet was led volume-wise by the Silverado, Equinox, and Malibu with respective totals of 43,804 units, 20,908 units, and 20,718 units. Growth-wise, Chevy got a boost from the Camaro (7,841 units, up 34.6%), Cruze (17,120 units, up 2.7%), Express (6,815 units, up 3.4%), SS (247 units, up 8.3%), Traverse (7,389 units, up 2.2%), and Trax (6,174 units, up 21%).

Commercial truck sales were also up big in May, increasing 246% year-over-year with 602 units delivered.

Through May, Chevrolet’s total US sales are down 3.2% at 799,040 units delivered. Silverado leads the brand at volume with 212,425 trucks delivered and Equinox sales have reached triple digits at 104,272 units. Retail sales are down 0.6% at 613,706 units, but retail crossover sales to date are the highest in Chevrolet history.

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