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Chevy Reveals Two New Concept Vehicles…in Thailand

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While we were all busy watching Chevrolet reveal the Camaro ZL1 (and attempt to hide the convertible version from our own Patrick Grieve), Chevrolet had another reveal halfway around the world, the rascals.

Behold, fresh from Thailand: The Chevy Trailblazer Premier and Chevy Colorado Xtreme.

Chevy Colorado Xtreme and Trailblazer Premier

Photo: © General Motors

Remember the Trailblazer? Chevrolet stopped selling it in America back in 2009, but still sells it overseas to this day.

Chevy Trailblazer Premier

Photo: © General Motors

It is a mid-size SUV based on the Colorado’s body-on-frame construction (which has grown less and less popular in the US), and the Premier is a glimpse of the Trailblazer’s newest iteration. It receives a fresh exterior that visually looks much closer to the Chevy SUVs sold in the USA, giving it more of a refined air (with some serious rims). Unfortunately, as interesting as it is, it seems pretty unlikely that the Trailblazer will return to the US, since the truck-based SUV, though it may add some amount of towing ability, gets worse fuel economy than other crossovers (and really, if Americans want truck-like towing, they seem to just buy a truck).

As for the Colorado Xtreme, the press release announcing the concept calls it “the ultimate tough American pickup truck that Chevrolet is famous for all over the world.”

Chevy Colorado Xtreme

Photo: © General Motors

It has a lifted suspension, wheel arch extensions (which, you may notice, are round overseas), air intake snorkel, a heat-extractor hood (like on the Camaro ZL1), a special off-road front bumper with a skid plate and winch, an LED light bar and roof rack, and off-road tires (with a spare in the bed). All in all, it seems to be tricked out in every way possible for off-road usage.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t see this exact car coming to dealerships in the US, as this is more a preview of the global version of the Colorado, which is a little less tough, among other differences. However, with Chevy bringing an off-road Colorado to America (the Colorado ZR2), the Xtreme might be taken as a taste of what the company is bringing home from its work overseas.

News Source: Fox News, Chevrolet Thailand