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Chevy Says April 1st is the #BestDayEver. Okay. Sure.

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#BestDayEver? SURE WHY NOT

April 1st is, apparently, the best day ever! Is that because it’s April Fools’ Day? No. Is it because it is the beginning of a month that is purportedly full of showers that, by extension, bring May flowers? Also no. The reason that April 1st is the best day ever, you see, is because there is a hashtag proclaiming as much.

Apparently, Chevrolet has a great many surprises in store for its #bestdayever, which is tied to a new marketing campaign that will involve the contributions of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Major League Baseball, Manchester United, Danica Patrick, Spike Lee, and a bunch of other folks and brands and whatnot.

“Our new campaign shows that the quality, design and technology available today in Chevrolet’s award-winning cars and crossovers really surprise people once they experience them,” said Paul Edwards, U.S. vice president, Chevrolet marketing. “We are going to make it the #BestDayEver for thousands of people across the country with hundreds of events and surprises, big and small, as an unmistakable signal that something massive is happening at Chevrolet.”

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Chevy will be live-streaming…something…at 3 pm EDT. Apparently, it will be exciting and full of surprises! You can find the feed in the playlist below, where you’ll also find a number of other #bestdayevervideos from…ugh…YouTube celebrities.


Well, at least there’s a Harley Morenstein video in there. He’s the guy who got famous for food videos. You know the ones. He’s pretty funny sometimes. The rest?

Hey, it's Harley Morenstein again!

Hey, it’s Harley Morenstein again! He’s neat…the guy on his left in the hat? Not so much.

Check back in later to see what sights Chevy has to show us.

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