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Chicago Bull Jimmy Butler Removes Car’s Rearview Mirror for Dramatic Effect

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Bulls player Jimmy Butler (center) refuses to look back at Gerald Wallace

Bulls player Jimmy Butler (center) refuses to look back at Gerald Wallace
Photo credit: Shinya Suzuki

A new profile piece in Chicago Magazine makes the uncontroversial claim that it’s good to be Jimmy Butler, the 26-year-old shooting guard who signed a $95 million contract with the Chicago Bulls last July. Butler has spent the off-season in a rented 13,000-square foot mansion in San Diego, where he and his crew have been playing around with “$1,500 worth of Nerf guns,” among other amusements.

And although the article doesn’t specify what kind of luxury performance vehicle Butler has no doubt purchased with his newfound largesse, we do know that it has one very unusual modification: he took out the rearview mirror.

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According to the article, “[Butler] loathes reliving the past—so much so that he has removed the rearview mirror on his car (yes, really) as a symbolic reminder to never look back.”

Talk about truly taking the music of Boston to heart.

For the record, Butler does have a dark past. Raised in the small town of Tomball, Texas, Jimmy’s mother kicked her son out of the house when he was just 13 years old, leaving him to seek shelter with a high school teammate’s family.

When asked why he was reticent to talk about his personal history, Butler gave a very understandable response:

“It’s because I don’t ever want that to define me,” he says. “I hated it whenever it came up because that’s all anybody ever wanted to talk about. Like, that hasn’t gotten me to where I am today. I’m a great basketball player because of my work. I’m a good basketball player because of the people I have around me. And if I continue to be stuck in the past, then I won’t get any better. I won’t change, I’ll get stuck as that kid. That’s not who I am. I’m so far ahead of that. I don’t hold grudges. I still talk to my family. My mom. My father. We love each other. That’s never going to change.”

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Solid reasoning, and we do love symbolism, but… come on, guy. Basic safety features are important, especially when your multimillion dollar job depends upon your ability to remain healthy and physically fit. The rearview mirror isn’t there to remind you of your past, it’s there to help make sure your future doesn’t have a hospital bed in it.

News Source: Chicago Magazine