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China is Banning Autonomous Car Testing on Its Highways

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Autonomous cars will not be allowed on Chinese highways

As the autonomous car testing continues to expand in the United States, there’s one country where it’s come to a screeching halt—China. China has decided to ban the highway testing of autonomous vehicles as the auto-industry regulator works with police forces across the country to determine national regulations for driverless car testing.

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There are currently multiple carmakers that are looking to bring autonomous vehicles to China, but these plans are on hold indefinitely. There is no time table yet as to when the country will once again allow self-driving cars to be tested on its roads, but many carmakers are hoping that it will be sooner, rather than later.

This is especially so since the carmakers that want to bring autonomous vehicles to the Asian nation must first collect data about the country’s driving system, including traffic conditions, driving habits, and each region’s traffic signs. This testing can take anywhere from a few months to multiple years, so carmakers want to get started on testing in China soon.

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Seeing as autonomous technology has taken a major hit, especially after the death of one man who was using the Tesla Autopilot system, China’s decision to be careful and thorough in introducing autonomous vehicles to its highways is a smart one. As the technology continues to grow, regulations will only become stricter—so China will likely be one step ahead of other countries in the future.

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