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No Christmas Spirit in BMW’s “Santa’s Other Workshop” Ad

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BMW attempts to make things merry, bright, and fast in its "Santa's Other Workshop" video card, but all this ad gives is the smell of burnt rubber.

BMW's "Santa's Other Workshop" Commercial

Santa gets behind the wheel in BMW’s latest online video ad
Photo: BMW via YouTube

Mercedes-Benz has its automobile reindeer. Lexus has its giant car bow. Chevrolet has Santa Claus: car salesman. Now, BMW has its…festive tire tracks?

Holiday car commercials seem to be running short on ideas these days. BMW is even struggling to come up with something memorable in it newest Christmas ad “Santa’s Other Workshop.”

“Santa’s Other Workshop”: Were All the Good Ideas Already Taken?

Released in conjunction with two other “video holiday cards” meant to promote the #BMWHappierHolidays hashtag and holiday sale, the new “Santa’s Other Workshop” spot fails to stir any holiday spirit.

The premise of the 30-second ad is that Santa drives a red BMW M6 Coupe around a closed race course.

BMW's "Santa's Other Workshop" Commercial

Photo: BMW via YouTube

His speedy, energetic driving leaves behind a trail of tire tracks over white track strips.

BMW's "Santa's Other Workshop" Commercial

Photo: BMW via YouTube

At the end, Santa steps out and picks up a Christmas card with tire tracks and the BMW logo on it.

BMW's "Santa's Other Workshop" Commercial

Photo: BMW via YouTube

The ad has some nifty camera angles and quick cuts, but the tone–as well as the idea–just doesn’t work.

We never see Santa’s face, which in some situations could be clever, but it’s creepy when he’s driving like a maniac. It doesn’t make sense that the tire tracks are in front of the car rather than behind. The roar of the engine and screech of the tires drown out the holiday music. Two-thirds of the 30-second ad is just text (including the BMW logo and slogan).

Plus, who wants a Christmas card with tire tracks all over it from Santa Claus? Seems a bit ostentatious to send out cards with your $100,000 car’s logo on it after grinding dirt into it.

But, maybe this is just the reaction of an old Grinch. Watch “Santa’s Other Workshop” for yourself and see if it feels like Christmas to you.

  • Alex

    Wow did you completely miss the point of that video. On the front of the holiday card which they actually sent to customers it says “This one-of-a-kind imprint was created using an actual BMW M6 tire” and on the back it says “This is how BMW makes holiday cards. Visit to see for yourself”. I actually received two of the cards, and the tire marks are completely different from each other, proving that they are indeed unique. To a BMW owner, the video was incredibly neat, showing how they made them and how each one ended up being unique. High octane Santa is significantly more interesting than a spoiled wife getting a brand new luxury car with a big a** bow on it for Christmas.