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Chrysler Hosts 3rd Annual Detroit Autorama High School Design Competition

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3rd Annual Detroit Autorama High School Design CompetitionChrysler Group today released the details of its 3rd annual Detroit Autorama High School Design Competition, which allows high school students (grades 10 – 12) to put their artistic talents to the test and ultimately win some cool prizes, including a $60,000 scholarship to the College for Creative Studies (CSS) in Detroit. CSS is highly regarded as a leading art and design school here in the United States.

The 3rd annual Detroit Autorama High School Design Competition tasks students to design a next-generation Dodge brand vehicle, for 2025. The design will indicate how well a student can look to the future, adding in undiscovered styles while still staying true to the laws of physics as we know them. The students must also include a 500-word essay, explaining what the Dodge brand means to them. Kinda sounds like Dodge is fishing for compliments there…

The submissions must be hand-drawn on a single sheet of white paper. The paper for the design must be at least 8×10 inches, but cannot exceed 11×17 inches. Only pencils, markers, and paint can be used.

All entries must be received by Friday, January 23rd, 2015.

First place will receive the $60,000 scholarship, as well as an Apple MacBook Pro, a three-week summer automotive design course at CSS, and three passes to Detroit Autorama. Second place will take home the same prizes, minus the scholarship. The third place winner will take home essentially the same as second place, swapping out a MacBook Air for the Pro. Fourth place will swap out the MacBook Air for an iPad with Retina Display.

The finalists will be announced on January 30th, and the winner will be recognized at a presentation on March 6th.

Contest rules can be found on Facebook.