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Cleveland Auto Thefts Linked To John Gotti’s Former Son-In-Law

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Carmine Agnello

Nicknamed “The Bull”, Carmine Agnello was recently arrested in Cleveland
Photo: Machelle Elvie via YouTube

After an 18 month investigation, John Gotti’s former son-in-law has been arrested by Cleveland police and now faces charges related to running an extensive auto theft operation in the city.

Carmine Agnello, 54, is the ex-husband of Victoria Gotti, who is the daughter of the deceased mobster John Gotti. Police said Agnello was crushing stolen cars at his scrap yard in Cleveland, then selling the remains as scrap metal. Agnello previously served time in a New York prison for similar crimes, then relocated to Ohio after being released to pick up where he left off.

Cleveland Auto Thefts Linked To John Gotti’s Former Son-In-Law

Photo: webhamster

Police said there was a rise in stolen vehicles in the south side of Cleveland. Officers are usually able to locate or recover most stolen vehicles, but decided to launch this investigation after realizing more than half of the cars reported stolen were not being found.

“Cleveland has been traditionally organized crime free for a while,” said Ed Tomba, Cleveland police deputy chief. “We think he was running unencumbered.”

Police said Agnello stuck out after being seen at the lot every day. His first court appearance has yet to be announced. Agnello married Victoria Gotti in 1984 and had three children with her that were featured on the TV show Growing Up Gotti.

Here’s video footage from the reported crime seen:

Via: ABC News