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Cleveland Browns Cornerback Involved in Road Rage Incident

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Justin Gilbert Ditch Crash

Cleveland Browns’ cornerback Justin Gilbert crashed his Dodge Challenger during a road rage incident earlier this week

Here’s a tip, kids: if you get cut off while driving, don’t throw tobacco juice at the guy that cut you off. Because that’s exactly what Justin Gilbert—the backup cornerback for the Cleveland Browns—did earlier this week, and all it got him was a crashed Dodge Challenger.

Want a Dodge Challenger Hellcat? You’re going to have to wait until 2016

According to, Gilbert drove his Dodge Challenger into a drainage ditch while attempting to get away from another driver who had been trailing his car. While the origins of the altercation are slightly unclear, many believe it began when Gilbert cut off a 55-year-old man from Parma, Ohio.

The two then exchanged words, leading to the Parma man following Gilbert. Multiple news outlets, including ABC affiliate Newsnet 5, are reporting that at some point Gilbert threw “tobacco juice” at the other vehicle.

Needless to say, the Twitter-verse went crazy over the news:

At Least Gilbert Got Great Gas Mileage: The Challenger gets 22 MPG highway

Though the accident occurred on West 130th Street in Brunswick, Ohio, it began on Interstate 71 southbound in Middleburg Heights. There were multiple calls to Brunswick police that report the two cars—Gilbert’s Challenger and a Ford Mustang—were speeding down the highway. Each of the men involved in the incident called 911 on the other.

Both men have been cited for lack of responsible control and remain unharmed. There was no alcohol involved and Gilbert’s status with the Cleveland Browns will not be affected.

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