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CliqCar App Makes Getting Around Easy

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If you’re looking to get around town in style, but don’t want to shell out the money for one of those typical black car services, then the CliqCar app is just for you. This app, which is designed specifically for those looking to stand out in a brand new BMW, allows passengers to request a personal chauffeur at any given time, whether it’s right this second or later in the week.
CliqCar App

The best part about this app, though, isn’t the fact that you don’t have to drive yourself to the airport, and you’re suddenly cruising in a BMW. Black car services can be pricey, and don’t have the same kind of fun and easy style that a BMW provides.

See Screenshots of the CliqCar App:

Free to download at the App Store or on Google Play, CliqCar asks you to enter your credit card information once when you register, making sure you never have to take out your wallet again. All you do is “cliq” a ride, receive a rate quote, and wait for your car to arrive. You can even see where the car is in comparison to you, which is what on-demand anything is really about, anyway.

What we liked about the app is that once you’ve put in your credit card information, you’re all set for every future CliqCar request. No need to input all of your information every time you need a ride.