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CNBC Just Leaked Photos of the New 2016 Chevy Camaro

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CNBC reveals the new 2016 Camaro

CNBC reveals the new 2016 Camaro
Photo credit: GM Inside News

If you were watching CNBC this morning, it probably means that your flight was delayed. Sorry about that.

But, while you were sitting there in the airport terminal waiting for them to begin boarding, did you notice that CNBC leaked photos of the all-new, sixth-generation 2016 Chevy Camaro? You know, the one that is supposed to be debuting tomorrow at Detroit’s Belle Isle Park?

If not, here’s what it looked like:

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Yeah so, surprise, surprise: the new Camaro looks like a Camaro.

But the “new look” was never going to be the most important thing about the all-new, Alpha platform 2016 Camaro. More notable is the fact that it weighs 200 pounds less than the outgoing five-gen, thanks to some lighter aluminum parts, and is also more aerodynamic, to boot.

So the most exciting part about tomorrow won’t be the Camaro’s unveiling, but (hopefully) the vehicle’s performance figures, which GM promises are much improved. (Oh, and the interior might look really nice, too).

Anyway, it’s unclear if CNBC was supposed to reveal the un-camoed Camaros, or if this was a screw-up on the network’s (or GM’s) part. Most likely, GM intentionally leaked the images to build #hype. Regardless, we’ll get a much better look tomorrow, when the muscle car has its official Detroit debut.

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News Source: CNBC (Via: Autoblog)