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Eco-Friendly Drives Help Toyota Save 790 Tons of Waste from Landfills

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Toyota save 790 tons of waste

Toyota’s E-Waste Drive in Canada

As a pioneer of green energy when it comes to automobiles, it’s no surprise to hear that, over the years, Toyota has been working to help save a boatload of waste from ending up in landfills. In fact, a recent report shows that regular recycling events have helped Toyota save 790 tons of waste from polluting the environment in the last 20 years.

This tremendous amount of waste translates to nearly 1.6 million pounds, which is equal to 519 Prii, 130 elephants, or 10 space shuttles. Since 1994, Toyota has organized regular collections of e-waste, hazardous waste, and household goods for its team members and communities surrounding its plants and offices. Items like paint cans, old batteries, and dilapidated furniture were disposed of in a responsible manner, saving an incredible amount of waste from entering landfills.

Toyota save 790 tons of waste

supeRecycling day in Kentucky

In Torrance, California, Toyota’s headquarters hold collection events twice a year to allow employees and neighbors to dispose of their waste in the proper fashion. In Kentucky, Toyota hosts two supeRecycling days a year, and in Canada, the automaker hosts an annual event to allow associates to rid themselves of e-waste and household goods.

This isn’t the only green initiative Toyota is involved with. At its Indiana plant, Toyota plants trees as part of its Afforestation Project, and the automaker is constantly working on new technology to make its green vehicles more efficient than ever.