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Cody Walker, Brother of Paul Walker, Comments on Furious 7

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“Paul would be proud”

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel | Cody Walker says "Paul Would Be Proud"

Paul Walker (left) and Vin Diesel (right) in Furious 7

When Paul Walker died at 40 in a tragic car accident in November of 2013, the seventh installment in the Fast and Furious franchise was still in the filming stage. After taking time to grieve and process, the cast, crew, and Walker’s family ultimately decided that the show must go on, and they finished filming without Paul. In fact, Paul’s two look-alike brothers, Caleb and Cody Walker, who are 37 and 26 respectively, even stood in as body doubles to complete certain shots for the film.

Furious 7 finally hit theatres last Friday, and in its first weekend, it earned $143.6 million here in the US. But it wasn’t just the cast and crew walking the red carpet this time; they were joined by Walker’s family, who were also there to see the premiere.

PEOPLE managed to speak with Cody Walker after seeing the film. “I wasn’t nervous to see it,” he said. “I was more anxious to see how it turned out.” Walker added, “It’s bittersweet, but I think Paul would be proud.”

The premiere itself was quite emotional. Vin Diesel, star of the film, gave an emotional speech before the screening of the film, and other cast and family members toasted Paul throughout the night.

Perhaps what is most important to note is the closure that it provided Cody, and likely his entire family, and anyone who felt a connection to Paul. Cody said, “I’m so happy with it. It was just so tastefully done, and a great ending after everything.”

News Source: PEOPLE