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Collection of ’56 Chevrolets and More Is eBay Gold Mine

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A man has put his collection of ’56 Chevrolets (as well as some ‘55s, ‘57s, a ’58 Pontiac convertible, an Impala SS convertible, and more—50 cars in total) as well his commercial property (5 buildings on a 2-acre lot, with industrial zoning and body shop equipment) up on eBay. Because selling one car was apparently not enough.

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Collection of ’56 Chevrolets and More Is eBay Gold Mine

Collection of ’56 Chevrolets and More Is eBay Gold Mine

It’s a winner take all kind of deal. The seller, Brian Pfister, will relinquish the 50 (give or take) classic Chevys on the lot, as well as the land, the buildings, the storage trailers, the parts, equipment—everything—to the highest bidder.

According to Pfister, this is “arguably the largest assembly of parts for ’56 Chevrolets and chassis anywhere.” Of the 50 cars available, 20 are advertised as builders, and the remaining are used for parts. Also included are a Chevrolet 3+3 carhauler and a BubbleTop coupe. The property is up for grabs to anyone, whether the buyer is looking for a hobby (restoring cars) or a business opportunity (selling the existing inventory).

The property is located in Port Richey, Florida. (We knew there was a downside somewhere, though we have little room to talk; we’re based out of Dayton, Ohio.) Pfister bought the property back in 2006 for $490,000 and estimates that there is about $500,000 worth of parts stored there. Not to mention, there’s the cars themselves. Yet Pfister is asking just $595,000 for the whole thing.

Not a terrible investment, eh?

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