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Cutting Combustion: Only Electric Engines in BMW’s Future

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New BMW M3/M4 Engine Electric Engines in BMW's Future
BMW officially announced at the beginning of December that it plans to offer plug-in hybrid versions of all its core models.

But that’s not what this article is about.

Baron Funds, a well-known international investment firm, has been in the news recently for claims it’s made concerning the shift from the traditional combustion engine to the electric version. Baron executives specifically predicted that the German automaker will phase out gasoline drivetrains and embrace only electric engines in the future.

Offering Only Electric Engines in BMW’s Future Is a Bold Move

Both an interview with Baron Funds’ CEO Ron Baron and a report published by the firm have made the same assertion: BMW will likely eliminate all combustion engines in its lineup by 2025.

According to Baron, BMW financial reps believe a “revolution in the drive train is underway…We believe that BMW will likely phase out internal combustion engines over the next 10 years.”

Similarly, the report stated, “While many car companies doubt electric cars will ultimately represent a large portion of new car sales, BMW is not one of those companies.”

BMW has already made a splash in 2014 with its i3 and i8 models, but is it too soon for the automaker to put the brakes on petrol altogether in the next ten years, or is BMW headed in the right direction before everyone else?

With government regulations on CO2 emissions and the desire for better fuel efficiency, demand for electric drivetrains in the coming years will only continue to increase.

As these steps are taken by BMW, while introducing plug-in versions of models and slowly discontinuing the traditional ones, the automaker will need to continue improving its charging infrastructure and its battery capacity.

Maybe after that we’ll believe this is a wise plan for BMW.

Source: BMW Blog and AOL Cars