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Compact Crossover from BMW Intends to Rival Audi Q1

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Original BMW X1 concept sketch, BMW plans Urban Cross compact

Pictured: Original X1 concept sketch, from which BMW is drawing design inspiration

Did you ever think BMW could design an entry-level crossover that would slot below the X1? Apparently the German automaker is trying to squeeze more models into its lineup by producing a compact crossover designed to appeal to young urban-dwellers (eh, who isn’t?).

Development of this fresh, small crossover is a proactive measure to compete with Audi‘s upcoming Q1.

The biggest question on everyone’s minds is…what will it be called? According to reports, since X0 isn’t an option (though it does sound cool), it will bear the moniker “Urban Cross” or “1 Series Sport Cross.”

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BMW’s Urban Cross Will Be Small…Maybe Too Small

According to early reports, the Urban Cross will share many of the same underpinnings as its siblings, which will include front-wheel drive, a coupe-like roofline similar to the X4’s, and a touchscreen infotainment system. It will especially share similarities with the 2-Series Active Tourer.

For engine options, the compact crossover will feature gasoline- or diesel-powered three- or four-cylinder motors, with an electric version arriving later. The length, only 157 inches, and limited trunk space of 330 liters are drawing skepticism concerning its practicality.

The Urban Cross will probably go on sale in 2017 and its estimated price tag sits around $26,000–which isn’t a bad deal. However, many critics are chastising BMW for the automaker’s overconfidence in selling the idea of the model as a “sure success.” That’s why it will probably only be sold in Europe and parts of Asia, as the United States wouldn’t want such a small CUV.

Do you think BMW needs a small crossover like the Urban Cross, or will this idea flop? Share your thoughts!

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News Source: Auto Motor und Sport