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Company to Do to Used Car Sales What Uber Did to Ridesharing

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The people of Sacramento are about to see a new form of used car sales that eliminates the stressful part of a car purchase – the price negotiations.

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The company, called Beepi, works like this: first, a seller offers a car for sale. If the car has fewer than 60,000 miles on it and has had two or fewer owners, the company’s technicians inspect the car. After inspection, the car is listed for sale online with two fixed prices – one for the seller and one for the buyer. Once the car is bought, the company pays the seller, fills the tank, and delivers the car on a flatbed truck with a literal bow on top.

Red bow on car

You have to admit, it does enhance the moment 
Photo: Justin Russel

The company offers a number of other services. For example, it handles all the paperwork for the new car, and can arrange financing. On top of that, if a private buyer is not found for a car within 30 days, Beepi promises to buy the car from the private seller.

Buyers can return the car within 10 days, although this rarely happens, according to co-founder of the company, Owen Savir.

“A car is not a spontaneous purchase,” he said. “People do a lot of research and they know what they are buying.”

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Other than the fixed price, one of the most important parts of the sale, according to Savir, is the delivery.

“We don’t want someone driving your car to you. We deliver it – ready to go with a full tank of gas,” he said. “That is part of the fun.”

In addition to Sacramento, the company is operating in San Diego and Los Angeles in California; Austin and Dallas in Texas; and Phoenix in Arizona.

News Source: Sacramento Business Journal