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Totally Redeem Yourself by Buying this Chevy Sheep Dog for $4,000

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Chevy the Sheep Dog Dumb and Dumber craigslist sale

“Chevy the Sheep Dog” is a local treasure in Muskegon, Michigan, with its own Facebook page and everything. But now this heavily carpeted, Dumb and Dumber-inspired 1995 Chevrolet G35 conversion van could be yours, as long as you have $4,000 to spend, or are willing to trade “a moped or mini bike, Lamborghini Diablo, RV or similar animal themed vehicle.”

Swapping a Diablo for this shaggy wagon be a little, well, dumb, but it would be a pretty good return for a moped. According to the Craigslist listing:

This van gets more looks then a Lambo at a fraction of the cost. You may have seen a similar looking vehicle in a very popular 90’s movie, but don’t be fooled; this isn’t that same van. A movie quality van would cost you tens of thousands (maybe millions) but this driver quality van can be had at a fraction of the cost. For a mere $4000 this is the most bang for the buck on craigslist. The smiles per gallon and photo opportunities to be had with this are endless. You can easily turn this investment into a profitable business by renting it for photoshoots, parties or become one of the most unique Uber drivers in the country.

This would be a pretty unique vehicle for an Uber driver to use. Though how many passengers would get into this thing, knowing there’s a good chance they’ll have to listen to their driver make the most annoying sound in the world?

The sellers also list these ten quick facts about the Chevy Sheep Dog:

1- It’s covered in carpet and sits outside. No need for one of those fancy smancy garages. And no it doesn’t stink, and no we never wash it.
2- It has a radio with USB so you can play Boom Shack a Lak as much as you want.
3- The windows work when they want to but the carpet maintains a great ambient temp inside
4- It has new tires on the back for laying down wicked patches of rubber at every intersection
5- 4 capatains seats for the ultimate luxury riding experience.
6- New battery and exhaust
7- She’ll do 80mph no problems
8- Free dog-eared hat included
10- Great for 1st driver. No cherry paint to scratch, carpet covers dents and reduces impact

If you’re interested (and why wouldn’t you be?), you can find contact information for the sellers here.