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Confederate Flag Group Confrontation with Black Child’s Birthday Party Ends in Enlightened Debate

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A grand jury in Douglas County, Georgia, has handed down indictments for 15 members of a pro-Confederate flag group, proving that you and a bunch of your buddies can’t just drive up to a black child’s birthday party in a bunch of Confederate-flag-bedecked trucks yelling racial slurs and threats without any consequences.

The aforementioned beginning to what was sure to be a well-reasoned and amiable discussion happened back in late July, when Douglas County District Attorney Brian Fortner said the members of the Cenfederate flag support group “Respect the Flag” decided to drive around in a predominantly black neighborhood flying their flags, before crashing a child’s birthday party, harassing and threatening guests. One said that the group would “kill y’all ni**ers.”

Circle of confederate flag trucks

See? Perfectly peaceful.
Image from video posted on Facebook by a party-goer of the incident

Prosecutors said that these actions violate Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, and would be paired with indictments for acts of physical harassment the group perpetrated elsewhere in Douglas County on the same day.

Of course, both the party-goers and the flag group claim the other started the altercation, with the party-goers claiming the flag group drove past the party several times before parking in a nearby grassy area, where they made the harassing and threatening statements above.

The leader of the caravan of trucks, Levi Bush, claimed to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the trucks were just driving past and the party-goers started yelling and throwing rocks, after which he fishtailed while trying to drive away, ran over a median, blew a tire, and pulled into a driveway to repair it. Bush said that the party-goers then mobbed the truck and threatened him, so his companions backed him up. He did admit that a certain racial slur was used by some of the members of his group.

Authorities arrived after somebody called 911, and no physical violence was reported by either side. No word on whether the police were informed of the flat tire or whether they checked it.

News Sources: Atlanta, Fox 5 Atlanta