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Consumer Reports Finds the Chevy Bolt Achieves the Best Electric Range of Any Electric Car

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With a recorded range of 250 miles, the Chevrolet Bolt managed to beat out the Tesla Model S and Model X

2017 Chevrolet Bolt

The Chevy Bolt is the ride with the range

In the ever-growing realm of electric vehicles, it can be difficult for a new model like the Chevrolet Bolt to stand out, especially with Tesla’s expanding fleet. That’s why the results from a study conducted by Consumer Reports will be good news for Chevy.

After all, Consumer Reports found that the Chevrolet Bolt EV had the best electric range of any electric vehicle it has tested on the market.

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During the test, Consumer Reports pitted the Chevy Bolt up against several of its electric rivals, including the Tesla Model S 75D and the Tesla Model X 90D. The experiment aimed to compare the EPA-estimated range of each electric vehicle to Consumer Reports’ own results.

On average, Consumer Reports found that the electric range recorded at the end of the testing was lower than the EPA-estimated range. This was true for the Tesla Model S, with a recorded range of 235 miles as compared to the 259-mile EPA estimate.

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Still, 235 miles is nothing to scoff at

However, the opposite was true for the Chevrolet Bolt. While the EPA estimated the Bolt’s range at 238 miles, the electric model was able to reach a range of 250 miles during the testing, thus achieving the best range of any electric vehicle that Consumer Reports tested.

Of course, Tesla might dethrone the Bolt when the Model 3 finally hits the streets. In fact, Consumer Reports already predicts that upgrading the Model S or Model X to a 100D model, which it has not tested, would most likely have them outpace the Bolt, but those models come with a $100,000+ price tag.

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A better recorded range was not the only advantage of the Bolt. The Chevrolet Bolt cost about half as much as a Tesla Model S 75D vehicle, with a starting price of $37,495.

Consumer Reports also thought that the Bolt was agile while offering a quiet ride. The Bolt was not free from criticisms, as Consumer Reports found that the seats were somewhat uncomfortable, while Tesla’s vehicles offered a far shorter charging time.

Chevrolet is undoubtedly ecstatic about this announcement, but is surely should not rest on its laurels. After all, with the Tesla Model 3 just around the corner, Chevy will have to sustain an innovative drive to maintain its title.

Source: Consumer Reports