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For Cops with Class: AC Schnitzer’s Tuned BMW X4 Police Car

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BMW X4 Police Car

You don’t want to get pulled over by a BMW X4 police car
Photo: AC Schnitzer via YouTube

Here in the United States, most police vehicles are limited to Dodge, Chevy, and Ford models, but over in Europe, options are a bit classier. At least, that’s how German tuner AC Schnitzer sees the potential in its home country’s vehicles for becoming top-of-the-line law enforcement tools.

The idea was presented at the recent Essen Motor Show when an XDrive 2.0i BMW X4 received a police livery and custom body kit as part of the TUNE IT! SAFE! Initiative by the Association of German Vehicle Tuners’ 10th anniversary this year.

If you’ve never considered a German sports activity vehicle having law enforcement potential, this tuned BMW X4 police car might impress you.

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A BMW X4 Police Car Could Be a Solid Investment

BMW X4 Police Car 2

AC Schnitzer gave the BMW X4 plenty of upgrades
Photo: AC Schnitzer via YouTube

AC Schnitzer has certainly established itself as an expert on improving BMW vehicles (the BMW X4 being the fourth entry by the tuner over the years) with the support of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

To make the X4 suitable for law enforcement use, AC Schnitzer installed an aerodynamic body kit, 22-inch anthracite alloys with 265/30 R22 Hankook Ventus S1evo tires, a custom suspension spring kit, carbon fiber mirror covers, chrome exhaust pipes, Hella flashing lights, a special police RTK 7 signaling system, velour floor mats, and aluminum pedals/foot rests.

BMW X4 Police Car 3

It’s uncoubtedly the most sophisticated police car we’ve seen
Photo: AC Schnitzer via YouTube

But is the vehicle powerful enough catch criminals? The 4-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo engine seems to think so. The horsepower (which ranges between 184 – 245) it achieves kicks the vehicle from zero to 62 mph in 6.7 seconds and from 50 to 112 mph in 17.5 seconds.

BMW X4 Police Car 4

This cop car could outrun anyone on the track–or the streets
Photo: AC Schnitzer via YouTube

AC Schnitzer’s BMW X4 isn’t the only police concept vehicle presented at the Essen Motor Show. Every year since 2004, a model which merges exciting tuning specs with state-of-the-art safety features has been presented for consideration at the event. Perhaps American cities could open their wallets and order some BMW police cars for us to see stateside.

See the BMX X4 police car burn rubber on the track in the video below, then check out its official photo gallery.

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Source: CarXMotor