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Corvette Z06 Roof Panel Goes the Way of the Bounce House

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Corvette Z06 Roof Panel

A Corvette Z06 roof panel tore off the car on the drag strip and went flying through the air.

There’s been a lot of things floating in the air that weren’t meant to be there lately. Just the other day, a bounce house with children inside was yet again swept off the ground and into the air. Much less frightening is this Corvette Z06 roof panel that goes flying into the air in the video blow, although it too could have caused some damage.

We’re not quite sure why the roof panel suddenly tore off the Z06 on the drag strip, but it could have very easily taken out the Dodge Neon far behind the Corvette—or anyone who might have been there watching. Check it out for yourself in the video below:

Thanks to GM Authority for this find.