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Couple Arrested for Having Sex On Top of a Car at Florida Dealership

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Couple Arrested for Having Sex On Top of a Car at Florida Dealership

The Couple Arrested for Having Sex On Top of a Car at Florida Dealership Source: KRON4

It seems that those recent controversial South Dakota “Don’t Jerk and Drive” ads have opened up a Pandora’s Box, of sorts. In the days since the state pulled the pud plug on the risqué safety campaign, we’ve had a rash of sex-crazed car stories: a study that found a third of teen drivers have sex while speeding, an over-the-top racy Alfa Romeo 4C commercial, a Russian law banning “fetishists” and trans people from driving, and a potential Chinese crack-down on sexy auto show models.

Good God, it’s as if the entire automotive news agenda is being set by Salt-N-Pepa.

And now we are getting news out of Florida (where else?) of a couple arrested for having sex on top of a car at Mike’s Auto Sales on the Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach.

At 3:00 am on Thursday, January 8th, a witness happened to hear moaning coming from the dealership. When he investigated the sound, he was shocked to discover two people atop a car, uh, “checking the oil,” so to speak. When their romantic interlude was interrupted, the couple started shouting angrily at the witness, who then responded by calling 911 (and later, we assume, recounting his story in the first-ever non-fake “Dear Penthouse Forum” letter).

Police then arrested 29-year old Ramon Mitchell and his partner, 18-year old Erin Byrd, who doesn’t look a day over 34. According to local news affiliate KRON4, the two were “still going at it” when police arrived, and Mitchell actually spit in an officer’s face while being arrested, in what sounds like a rare lapse in decorum for the man.

Both Mitchell and Byrd are being charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, trespassing, and auto burglary. Mitchell, thanks to his spitting incident, is also charged with battery of a law officer. Mitchell is still in jail, but Byrd is now free, so keep her in mind if you live in the West Palm Beach Florida area and are looking for that special someone who can help you see paradise by above the dashboard light.

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