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Couple Attempts to Steal Camaro On Test Drive

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Shane Woodcook and Shawna McLemore

Shane Woodcook and Shawna McLemore
Image: Vacaville Police Department/CBS Sacramento

Stealing a car is never a good idea. Trying to steal a car while on a test drive is an even worse idea!

That didn’t stop a couple in California from attempting to drive off with a car while on a test drive earlier this month. According to CBS Sacramento, Shane Woodcook and Shawna McLemore visited a dealership in Vacaville and showed interest in a white Chevrolet Camaro SS. You might think that they are pretty awesome, considering their taste in cars.

2014 Chevy Camaro

You can’t go wrong with a Chevrolet Camaro—unless you’re trying to steal it

While on the test drive, the pair drove the Camaro to a Wells Fargo Bank, saying they really wanted to buy the car and needed to get something arranged with their bank. The couple and the salesman entered the bank, and then both Woodcook and McLemore left the bank separately to return to the car without the salesman.

The car salesman knew that something was not right, and followed them to the car. That’s when Woodcook claimed to have a gun and left the poor salesman in the dust! The police were immediately notified and chased the Chevy until the two criminals left it in a neighborhood and fled on foot. Both were arrested fairly soon afterwards.

As if that isn’t bad enough, it looks as if this isn’t even Woodcook’s first attempt at stealing a car from a dealership! According to the San Jose Mercury News, in 2013 he attempted to drive off with a 2011 BMW model during a test drive. While he was switching seats with the salesman to take the wheel, he ran into the seat and put the pedal to the metal to speed off.

We can’t fault Woodcook’s taste in cars, but we hope dealerships in California will memorize his picture and not let this man behind the wheel again!