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Couple Finds How Much Damage Ford Ranger Can Bear

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A black bear ripped apart a Ford Ranger.

A black bear in Colorado helped to kick start a couple’s search for a new vehicle 
Photo: Linda Tanner

Even though every Ranger is built ‘Ford Tough,’ that still doesn’t mean they are bear proof.

A couple from Evergreen, Colorado, learned this the hard way on June 12th at around 1 am, when they looked out their window and saw their Ford Ranger violently rocking back and forth, as a bear ripped apart the inside of their truck.

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After the bear found it’s way inside the pickup and couldn’t escape, the wild animal proceeded to destroy everything from the upholstery  to the electronic wiring inside the door panels and dashboard. The couple called police for help. Their local sheriff’s department then pulled up in their squad car beside the Ranger, opened the door, and let the 200-pound bear run into the woods.

The couple seemed to be taking the incident in stride. They said it was time they started looking for a new car anyway.

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