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Crash Causes Furniture, Bacon Tragedy

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Photo: Ian Turk

Tragedy struck the collective worlds of bacon lovers and furniture enthusiasts on February 21st. On a fateful stretch of I-64 through James City County, Virginia, it was 2am, and a man was driving a pickup truck, hauling behind a trailer loaded with furniture.

According to Virginia State Police, the truck ran into the guardrail, a crash which sent the truck across both lanes of the interstate and dislodged the trailer, spilling the furniture onto the pavement.

Seeing the debris on the road, another truck approaching the scene slowed to avoid it, and that is when the bacon truck hit him. The tractor trailer full of bacon sideswiped the second truck, throwing the semi out of control, off the road, and into the woods.

Luckily, nobody was hurt, but a small accident for one man’s furnishings soon became a crisis for consumers of bacon. While attempting to pull the tractor trailer from the woods, something went wrong, and instead of a truck on the road, the trailer’s load of bacon spilled across the Interstate as the semi fell back into the woods.

It took a total of nine hours to clear away the spilled bacon and clean the road before traffic could resume.

News Sources: WTKR, WAVY