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Crazy Man Drives Ex-Boss’ Truck into Newark Bay

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GMC Sierra Vauxhall New Jersey

Imagine this, but underwater
Photo: © General Motors

The internet has given rise to something of a debate as to what is the most “epic” way to quit one’s job. Is it putting together a video of yourself performing an elaborate dance number around the office? Does it involve a marching band? Perhaps sliding down the evacuation chute of a plane while pounding a beer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin-style?

Whatever the case may be, John J. Schneider of Vauxhall, New Jersey, seemed positively intent on throwing his hat into the ring for that particular discussion when he took his former boss’ 2006 GMC Sierra and an attached trailer and drove it directly into Newark Bay.

According to, Schneider had been storing his boat at the business owned by his former boss, Leon Lewinson. Then Lewinson decided that he no longer needed Schneider’s services, and so he (we assume politely) asked that he remove the boat from his property.

Lewinson, being the swell guy that he is, offered Schneider the use of his Sierra (which mistakenly refers to as a Sienna) and trailer to tow the boat away. Schneider, overwhelmed by the kindness of the gesture, went positively bugfrig crazy and drove it straight into the water.

To add insult to injury, Schneider stepped out of the sinking truck unharmed, began cursing at Lewinson, and then mooned him.

Schneider was arrested on criminal mischief and defiant trespass and later released on summons. Lewinson told reporters that he had only just purchased the truck and trailer, and that both were completely totaled.

The best part of the story may be the article’s closing line:

Lewinson said he had given Schneider some part-time work for a period less than two months towing vehicles for charitable organizations.

If that is the kind of wrath you incur for firing John Schneider after two months of part-time work, just imagine what he would do to you if you fired him just short of getting a gold watch. It might look a little something like this:

Death Star

Now that’s epic.

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