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Create a Travel Journal to Remember Your Road Trip Adventures

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Your road trip adventures are definitely worth remembering—even the things that go wrong (especially the things that go wrong). But often after you’ve hit the brakes on your excursion, there’s little time to ponder your experiences and celebrate the memories you’ve made. Sure, you have a phone full of pictures and even though pictures are worth a thousand words, over time you’re going to forget major details about those pictures—the before, the during, the after, and all the feelings!

To thwart your imperfect memory, you need to get a little creative and establish a travel journal. With a travel journal, you can track everything from beginning to end, and it’s a fun and tangible way to celebrate (and remember) your journey. Because, you know, life’s all about the journey.

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Now, your journal can be as simple or as fancy as you want it to be. You don’t have to blow your road trip budget on scrapbooking supplies like stickers, borders, stencils, or glitter (unless you want to, of course). Your travel journal can be as simple as a three ring binder, where you can record your thoughts, secure your pictures and trinkets like ticket stubs, all in one place.

Another way to preserve these memories is to send postcards to yourself, suggests; this way, you’re essentially combining two important journal ingredients—beautiful pictures and a record of your experience.

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If toting a binder or cards is impeding your travel light philosophy, opt for a digital journal. If you’re already taking pictures on your smartphone, it makes sense to record your adventures on it, too. writer Janice Waugh suggests using a phone app like “Day One,” which is compatible for Apple and Mac devices. According to Waugh, with the journal app you can “take notes, upload images and video, auto-capture the time, location and weather of your entry, and review your trip or life by browsing a timeline, filtering or using a map or calendar.”

If you’re interested in sharing your travels, Waugh suggests blogging about it; if not, she recommends using a quality notebook to record the events and details of your trip.

The method of memory-keeping is up to you; just do something so you have a record to help you remember your incredible road trip adventure.

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