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Creative Ideas for Throwing an Adorable Car-Themed Baby Shower

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There’s nothing more exciting than having a little one on the way, and a baby shower is the perfect way to share that excitement and celebrate the new addition to your family. Whether you’re hosting your own gathering or throwing a bash for a friend, a lot of creativity and planning goes into a successful baby shower.

Unfortunately, so many baby showers today are nearly identical, with the same awkward games and mundane decorations. Kick your baby shower into high gear by themeing it around automobiles. Not sure how to do that? We have some awesome ideas!

6 Ways to Incorporate Automobiles into a Baby Shower Party

Baby shower themed party ideas

Gender Inclusive

First of all, a car-themed baby shower does not have to be limited to only boys. You can throw a stellar automotive party for a baby girl just as easily. After all, everyone drives cars, and the earlier we teach children that cars aren’t just a “man thing,” the easier it will be to overcome the gender gap.

In fact, most of the colors you’d use in a car-themed baby are typically neutral: grey and yellow, black and white, or red and black. You don’t need to stick with pink cars or blue trucks.

And while you’re at it, don’t just limit the guest list to strictly women. A lot of men would be delighted to be invited to a baby shower that’s actually fun, especially if it involves a theme that appeals to them. Break down that gender divide and make the party co-ed. Even if the men sit around and watch a NASCAR race together in the den, they’ll still appreciate being invited.


Baby shower car themed party ideas racing

Theme Inspiration

A good baby shower has a strong, unifying theme that unites all aspects of the soiree. For a baby, you can go with the obvious (and easy-to-execute) motorsports motif with checkered flag patterns, Indy car silhouettes, and a cake with a trophy on it. But, there are also other approaches:

  • Route 66-themed, perfect for the road trip family who travels or moves a lot
  • Vintage cars-themed, a lot of fun to decorate and dress up for, especially if you replicate a 50s diner
  • Mechanic-themed, if you want to host the party in your garage/driveway on a sunny day
  • If you have access to a big parking lot, make it a cruise-in where attendees bring their own cars to display

Don’t be afraid to pick something unorthodox that you believe is fitting for your family or is a lot of fun. Remember, as much as baby showers are about celebrating the little one, the child isn’t here yet to enjoy the party, so make sure it’s actually fun for you and your guests!


Baby shower car themed party ideas games

Fun Games

Games can make-or-break a baby shower; they’re either a lot of fun or painfully uncomfortable. Forgo the traditional (and overrated) “examine this candied feces” activities in favor of some of the following:

  • Have guests draw and color what you think the child’s first car in 16-18 years will look like (in the future!)
  • Have the guests share pictures of their first cars, or play a matching game in which you match the guest with their first car (note: you’d have to obtain these in advance with the RSVPs)
  • Match the NASCAR driver with their baby picture (if you can find enough online)
  • Have guests fill out “advice for teaching your child to drive” forms
  • Make some “race” games that make guests compete to do or fill out something the fastest
  • Have a photo booth with a car window cutout and props, or a winner’s circle with racing paraphernalia.


Baby shower car themed party ideas decorations balloons

Attractive Decorations

You’d be surprised how many party supply stores or online retailers carry car-themed decorations and supplies–and ones that aren’t just NASCAR-branded items. Do some searching to obtain plates, napkins, and cups with fitting designs, or simply follow your black-and-white or grey-and-yellow color schemes by getting some of each pigment.

For decorations, consider things like double-yellow line streamers, road signs, vehicle silhouette cutouts, checkered flags, steering wheels, tires shapes, etc. For invitations, make them car-themed by designing them yourself or purchasing templates online. You can probably find all the decoration paraphernalia you need on Etsy.


Baby shower car themed party ideas food snacks

Delightful Snacks

Everyone likes food! Fill your brunch menu with snacks that reflect your car-themed party. You can make your snacks resemble things like race cars, tires, or traffic signals, or you can just creatively name your dishes  with a car-themed moniker on a label. Thus, drinks become “fuel,” donuts become “tires,” and the main course is the “engine.” You can even use brand names–Dodge dip, Ford fries, VW veggies, etc.

Don’t forget to serve milk– you know, cuz of the Indy 500 obviously!


Baby shower car themed party ideas gifts

Fitting Gifts

Here’s where all of your guests can pitch in and participate in the automotive party theme. Encourage them in your invitation and gift registry to bring presents that fit the motif. Ask for or bring items that could be used in the car, such as a car seat, “baby on board” sign, window visor, or travel changing bag. Set out a jar or empty oil can where attendees can contribute pocket change to the child’s “first car fund” or “driving school fund.”

Instead of cards, encourage guests to bring car-related board books for babies, like Things That Go Vroom. Buy your child a Hot Wheels track and ask each attendee to bring a toy car to sign and contribute to a collection.

Fill guests’ goodie bags with car-shaped cookies, M&Ms (as a NASCAR sponsor), and Hot Wheels cars. That way, they get to bring a little memento home with them!


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