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CT6 Handraiser Page Added to Cadillac Future Vehicles Section

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Cadillac CT6 | Elmiraj | CT6 Handraiser Page | CT6 Future Vehicles

The Cadillac CT6 will likely bear more than a little resemblance to the Elmiraj Concept

Cadillac is wagering that the future of its brand rests on the broad shoulders of the CT6 flagship sedan. Set to be built on the Omega vehicle platform, the CT6 is anticipated to be light and powerful, with Cadillac simultaneously promising the “most powerful six-cylinder gas engine in the segment” and a plug-in hybrid variant.

It’s likely to continue some variation of Cadillac’s Art + Science design language while also introducing new aesthetic motifs that trickle down throughout the lineup. Even the name CT6 establishes that it will sit atop a newly-renamed lineup, setting the pace for a brand that—despite something of a sales slump in 2014—has established itself as the world’s fastest growing luxury label.

Cadillac CT6 | Elmiraj | CT6 Handraiser Page | CT6 Future Vehicles

Yes, it most certainly is

Again, this all makes the CT6 the future of Cadillac.  It’s only natural then that Cadillac would throw the CT6 up in its “Future Vehicles” section and include a handraiser page that allows interested parties to sign up for email updates.

Does this particular page divulge any more information about the CT6? Not really. It’s the equivalent of the Jurassic World cup teaser, more or less:

The Cadillac CT6 takes a new approach to prestige luxury. This top-of-range sedan emphasizes a dynamic driving experience and advanced technology. So ready your imagination as we prepare to reveal what’s around the corner.

Imaginations are set to ready, Cadillac. Let’s hope that the aforementioned corner is rounded by, oh, let’s say the Detroit Auto Show, how ‘bout?

News Source: GM Authority

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