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Daria Radionova Ruins Perfectly Good CLS 350 With Swarovski Crystals

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"I just wanted to destroy something beautiful" - Daria Radionova

“I just wanted to destroy something beautiful” – Daria Radionova

We’re quite sure that you’re familiar with a situation that follows along these lines: you’re out cruising the boulevard, perhaps on a grocery run or just out to pick up some Taco Bell, and you pull up alongside an expensive-looking luxury car with some terrible song blasting out of the windows (you can’t tell if it’s Ke$ha or Iggy Azalea; it all sounds the same, really).

That in and of itself isn’t enough to offend your sensibilities to the point of rage. No, it’s the vanity plate that does you in. Something that the owner presumably thought would come across as cheeky or clever. Something like “BAII BYY,” which is what the license plate of one Daria Radionova reads.

Daria Radionova

Sound obnoxious? Would it help any if we told you that it’s the furthest thing from the most obnoxious part about Miss Radionova’s Mercedes-Benz CLS 350? Ah, yes. You probably noticed the fact that it’s super glittery. Well, that’s because the Lady Radionova also felt it necessary to cover that beautiful car in about $33,000 worth of Swarovski crystals. Please don’t punch your computer screen. Those things are expensive to replace, and it’s not like you’ve got thousands of dollars to blow on, say, making a really beautiful car look hideous.


My baaaby))) sick!!!

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So what does Daria Radionova do? Well, nobody’s entirely sure. She’s a 21-year-old business student in London, which means she probably comes from a wealthy upbringing (albeit likely an upbringing that didn’t invole a sit-down to discuss the value of a dollar).




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Oh, to be 21 again and to have $100,000 tied up in a car. You mean that’s nothing like your peak years? You were just happy to have enough money at the end of the week to eat something other than canned beans and ramen? Well, clearly you’re not as awesome as Daria Radionova. She’s got the Swarovskis to prove it.

At least she told the Daily Mail that, when she sells the car, the money will all go to charity. That at least makes up for the terrible vanity plate. Almost.