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Data Shows Jeep Has Appeal Among All Income Classes

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The ever-accessible Jeep appeals to all incomes and classes in America.

Jeep Has Appeal Among All Income Classes

Jeep has appeal among all income classes

Irrefutably, so many of the pressing issues Americans face today are tethered to the economy.  A long-standing concern of many has been the proliferation of class separation and the depth and breadth between the tiers of fiscal hierarchy.  Generalizations about people and their income are often made based on facets like style of dress, hobbies, and what vehicles they drive.

Fortunately, life as an American is not all doom and gloom and caught up in the lines that divide us.  People from all walks often come together for a mutually-shared love for something, finding themselves equal in their respect and adulation for something that captures the human imagination of the rich, the poor, and the in-between.  According to’s Noel King, studies suggest that one of the things that unites Americans everywhere is their love for the Jeep brand.’s King cites data that shows Jeep selling equally well in upper and lower class segments that are separated by half a million dollars in yearly income.  It should come as little surprise that the Jeep brand is a galvanizing agent for Americans, given Brand Keys’ recent poll that saw Jeep beating out brands like Coca-Cola and McDonalds as the most recognizably patriotic brand among American consumers.

The seventy-plus-year old auto brand is widely associated with its role in World War II, where the Bantam BRC was the ride of choice for American and Allied GIs.  Given its resounding and continued success, it appears that Jeep does not appeal simply to rich or to poor, but rather to everyone who is united under a label that does not discriminate based on income: Americans.

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