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David Hayter Returns as the Voice of Solid Snake…for Ford Commercials

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David Hayter reprises role as Solid Snake Ford Commercial

Typically, when a brand tries to co-opt pop culture for the sake of raising awareness about its products, the results are pretty unfortunate. For examples of this, follow pretty much any merchant of goods or services on Twitter and you will understand well that a brand using hashtags and modern-day lingo can be every bit as painful as watching your 60-year-old parents tell you about bling-bling and so and so being “da bomb.”

But every once in a while, a brand does a thing that is not only not completely terrible, but actually pretty good. Ford Overdubs, a new YouTube thing, is one of those things.

The premise here appears to be simple: take some piece of footage, swap out the dialogue for something touting the Ford brand. The first two entries, “Date Night” and “The Realization,” took scenes from what appear to be a telenovela and made them about the Ford Focus and 2017 Fusion, respectively.

Watch: Ford Overdubs – Date Night

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If you owned a PlayStation at any point in your life (or a GameCube, for that matter), you may suddenly find yourself struck with a sense of familiarity when you hear the voice attributed to the man in the red shirt. Yes, that throaty growl you hear is none other than that of David Hayter, the man whose voice is synonymous with that of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series.

How appropriate, then, that Ford released two new Overdubs today using footage from 1998’s Metal Gear Solid. If you were one of those who felt that Kiefer Sutherland didn’t quite measure up in The Phantom Pain, then hearing Hayter reprising the role, even if only for a couple of silly Ford commercials, is a sound for sore ears.

And, hey, at the rate that Konami is seemingly imploding, it may be the closest we’ll ever get to hearing it again. So soak it up!

Watch: Ford Overdubs – A Codec Call to Remember

Bonus points must also be awarded for accurately recreating the creepiness of the Psycho Mantis boss fight. Quick tip: unplug your controller and plug it back into the second controller port. So much easier.

Watch: Ford Overdubs – A Meeting with Psycho Mantis

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an old video game to go dig up and fritter away the weekend with.

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