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De Nysschen Aims to Sell 500,000 Cadillacs a Year by 2020

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De Nysschen Aims to Sell 500,000 Cadillacs a Year by 2020

De Nysschen Aims to Sell 500,000 Cadillacs a Year by 2020

Newly appointed president of Cadillac, Johan de Nysschen, has high hopes for the brand. Since he joined the team this summer, we’ve seen the beginnings of his stunning transformation for the luxury automaker—everything from the headquarters relocation to New York City to the complete restructuring of the naming system. But de Nysschen’s ambitions never seem to falter. Now, de Nysschen is aiming to sell 500,000 Cadillacs a year by 2020.


That’s nearly double what Cadillac sold last year. (In total, Cadillac moved 250,830 units in 2013.) But de Nysschen thinks it’s possible as the brand will be aggressive with rolling out new products, and will benefit from the improved dealer experience that the brand is hoping for.

The aggressive product rollout includes 12 models that de Nysschen previewed at the Barclays Global Automotive Conference, and the improved dealer experience is something that de Nysschen hopes to address sooner than later, in efforts to make the dealer experience more like that of a BMW dealership and less like that of a Chevy dealer.

While de Nysschen hopes to hit 500,000 Cadillacs a year by 2020, he understands that the years in between might be rough. Sales could flat line for the next three years, and he’s perfectly okay with that.

“We’re really going to prioritize the quality of business over the quantity of the business,” de Nysschen said, according to The Detroit News. “It’s very important that we build a solid foundation from which to grow. And if it means in the short-term we lose market share and we lose volume, then so be it.”


News Source: The Detroit News