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De Nysschen Hints at Possible Cadillac Halo Car above Omega Flagship

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De Nysschen Hints at Possible Cadillac Halo Car above Omega Flagship

Johan de Nysschen says we might get a Cadillac halo car or two above the Omego flagship sedan coming next year.

Since joining the Cadillac team back in August, new president, Johan de Nysschen, has been making big moves for the American luxury brand. Just yesterday, it was announced that Cadillac’s company headquarters will be moving to New York City, and we’re also gearing up for the unveiling of Cadillac’s Omega flagship sedan, possibly the LTS, to be unveiled at the New York International Auto Show in the spring.

In a recent interview with Automobile Magazine, the Cadillac president promised even more big things from Cadillac as he seeks to turn it into a true German luxury car competitor, with its own American twist. For instance, he hinted that there might possibly be a Cadillac halo car, or even two, positioned above the Omega flagship set to debut next year.

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De Nysschen stated, “There are probably two cars beyond that at least, maybe more. I don’t think [the large sedan] will ultimately represent the pinnacle of Cadillac’s entry into the real top end of aspirational cars. We have room for a car above that, and then these would be very prestigious, very high-performance but luxury cars. I think one also needs some spice in the meal. I’m a performance enthusiast myself. We should also look at one or two sports cars that you buy for emotional reasons, not for practicality, but because they are so sexy and so fun to drive.”

Aside from the promise of another potential Cadillac halo car or two, de Nysschen spoke about Cadillac’s serious lack of sport utilities and mentioned that he wants to squeeze a crossover in between the SRX and the Escalade, and maybe position another below the SRX.

It is very important to de Nysschen that Cadillac does not simply try to emulate the German automakers. He remarked, “I doubt we could be more German than the Germans.” Instead, he wants to focus on what he calls “modern, contemporary, progressive American luxury” that will be appealing on a global scale.

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The man knows what he’s doing. He groomed Audi into the fierce competitor that it is today and started the same process for Infiniti before joining Cadillac. Now, he hopes to take the next 10 to 15 years to get Cadillac where it needs to be; it looks like he’s started out on the right foot.

News Source: Automobile Magazine