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De-Stress From Your Workday And Listen to This RX-8 Rally Car Tear It Up

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Have you ever wondered what it sounds like to be near a herd of furious, trumpeting elephants?

Just click play and listen for a moment.

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What you are actually hearing roaring and screaming its way through the quiet countryside is a specially-modified Mazda RX-8 equipped with a 370-hp 20b three-rotor engine (just one rotor down from the famous 787b Le Mans-winning engine).

It has also picked up an enormous rear wing, gravel tires, a new gearbox, a hydraulic handbrake, and a driver who is apparently ok with simply throwing this contraption sideways down tree-lined roads.

According to HillClimb Monsters, who posted the above video to YouTube, that driver is one Markus Van Klink, who made his debut last year with his rally-modified rotary monster and which has been throwing up times at RallySprint events.

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Man, just look at his hands as they take off. That car wants to make like its engine and just rotate. However, it seems equally as happy just slinging gravel at the poor, bruised spectators who don’t seem worried that RX-propelled gravel might damage iPhones, or photographers standing knee-deep in the brush.

Oh, and a little something I noticed at around 1:28 and 1:42—that thing is just occasionally spitting some fire out of its tailpipe.

Perhaps, when and if Mazda decides to bring back a rotary-powered vehicle (which may or may not ever happen), it can take some pointers from that sweet rally car.

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