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Dealership Putting Drivers on Waiting List for Buick Grand National, GNX

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Dealership Putting Drivers on Waiting List for Buick Grand National, GNX

Is GM bringing back the Buick Grand National and GNX?
Pictured: The 1987 Buick Regal Grand National

Is GM resurrecting the Buick Grand National or the GNX? Depends on whom you ask. If you ask Buick, you’ll get nothing but silence (which we assume is either a firm “No, leave us alone,” or an “Oh my gosh, please stop asking, you’re going to ruin the big reveal”). But if you ask a dealership in North Carolina, the answer is a little different.

According to GM Authority, one dealership in South Charlotte, North Carolina, has been receiving phone calls from eager customers asking about test drives in one of the two new cars. And rather than set them straight, the dealership has been putting these folks on waiting lists. Now hold the phone—does this dealership know something we don’t?

The Buick Grand National snagged its fame in the 1980s, but it’s not completely strange to imagine that Buick might once again be aiming for a more performance-oriented model in the 2010s.

Please note, Buick did tell GM Authority that this was nothing more than a miscommunication, but why then was General Motors just last month pursuing trademark applications for Grand National and GNX? Now maybe it was a miscommunication, but that miscommunication was probably more along the lines of when to deliver the news—and it happened way earlier than Buick intended.


News Source: GM Authority