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Debunked: Volvo Not at Fault for Pedestrian Detection Accident

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A hard lesson in understanding your vehicle's features

Volvo pedestrian accident

Do not attempt without Volvo pedestrian detection actually installed

A horrific accident at a Volvo dealership is making the rounds today, wherein a Volvo XC60 plows right through the confident frame of an eager customer. Watch for yourself (warning, this gets disturbing)…

This video is titled ‘A Self-Stopping Car Accident’. But it turns out that the hit-and-brake accident had nothing to do with a self-stopping car, because there was not a self-stopping car present at the scene.

A representative for Volvo recently told Fusion, “It seems they are trying to demonstrate pedestrian detection and auto-braking. Unfortunately, there were some issues in the way the test was conducted.”

Those issues hinged on one very important aspect of the Pedestrian Detection System… it only works if installed on the car.

Turns out, the Volvo XC60 in the video was not equipped with the pedestrian detection system at all.

Volvo introduced the updated pedestrian detection system in 2013 as a revolutionary way to detect, and prevent, head-on collisions with cyclists and pedestrian traffic. The system can detect multiple targets by using radar located in the grille and a camera hidden just behind the windshield. When a collision is detected, the (properly equipped) XC60 will not only warn the driver with an alarm and flashing light, it will automatically put on the brakes to slow the car and avoid a collision altogether.

volvo pedestrian detection

Volvo Pedestrian Detection system in action.

The pedestrian detection system aboard a Volvo is one of the best investments in safety technology that current Volvo owners can get onboard with. Unfortunately for the bone tissue of a trusting bystander, the system that could have saved him from injury was not selected. You have to admire his confidence in Volvo technology, though. He stood his ground right up to the obliteration of his kneecaps.