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Delhi Welcomes New Datsun GO-cross Concept

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Datsun Go-Cross Concept

The Delhi Auto Expo was open earlier this month in India, and Nissan’s Datsun brand showed off its latest concept, the Datsun GO-cross concept. The fun little crossover was displayed in a bright yellow color, and drew a lot of attention from show attendees.

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As with many other concept cars, the GO-cross concept was designed with Millennials in mind. According to the introductory video that accompanied the concept’s announcement, the vehicle’s smart design and versatility were made to be accessible to first-time car buyers. Besides the bright exterior, the vehicle’s roof was also adorned with a unique pattern created with the Datsun logo. The brand wanted this concept to cater to the younger generation’s lifestyle and their goal to achieve their dreams. If one’s dreams involve driving a really awesome car, then the mission was accomplished.

The Datsun GO-cross Concept is only a concept car at this time, but several of its features and the feeling behind the vehicle will likely be incorporated into future members of the Datsun GO and Datsun GO+ in Asia. Also in attendance at the Delhi Auto Expo was a Datsun Bluebird 1600 SSS (510) rally car, and a Datsun GO-Rally car designed by a new team from Japan.