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DeNA Tech Company Proposes Fleet of Robot Taxis Before 2020 Olympics

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Google self-driving car old prototype

The Google self-driving car (pictured above) will have some stiff competition with DeNA and ZMP’s new technology
Photo: smoothgroover22

With Google testing its self-driving cars—and getting a lot of attention for it—the world seems to be looking out for the next big autonomous vehicle. Now, it looks like Japanese tech company DeNA might have exactly what everyone is looking for.

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The mobile gaming company, which recently turned heads when it brought Nintendo’s intellectual property like Mario and Pokémon to mobile devices, is looking to shine in the limelight once again. DeNA recently announced it could create a fleet of robocars that can be at your beck and call—a smartphone call, that is. The Japanese company is hoping that when visitors land in Tokyo for the Summer Olympics in 2020, DeNA will have a fleet of self-driving taxis to greet them.

Check out the Robot Taxi technology:

DeNA is joining players like Uber, Google, Apple, and Tesla—among many others—in the race to create the first mass produced self-driving vehicles. The company currently uses what are called “Robot Taxis” to dip its toes in the pool of autonomy, partnering with ZMP (a Tokyo robotics startup) to introduce the technology. Through a combination of lidar sensors and image-recognition cameras, the Robot Taxi is able to measure distances between objects.

It looks like the race to self-driving cars is only going to get better. Do you think autonomous vehicles are the next big thing? Share your thoughts with us below!

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