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Despite Increased GOP, Honda Reduces CO2

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Honda Reports on its Environmental Performance and Progress in North America

Honda North America released its 12th annual North American Environmental Report this week, a small beacon of positive climate news in the face of yuge environmental adversity.

With North America’s future carbon footprint likely to rise under the election of a president who plans on repealing the Clean Power Plan and believes that global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese, environmentalists can take heart in the revelation that Honda harbors no plans to disavow the Earth’s climate.

“From an environmental perspective, we are aggressively pursuing innovations that will help reduce CO2 emissions, which is society’s most pressing environmental challenge,” said Toshiaki Mikoshiba, president & CEO of Honda North America, Inc. “We are pursuing environmental innovation across all aspects of our business with a strong focus on improving efficiency at every stage of the product life cycle.”

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A few highlights from the 2016 fiscal year detailed in the 51-page report include Honda recycling nearly 631,000 parts, including wheels, engine components, catalytic converters and rare-earth metals. Additionally, 11 of the 15 Honda and Acura models sold in the US or Canada had PVC-free interiors (PVC being a toxic plastic and known human carcinogen that was, until recently, widely used for vehicle materials). And despite all-time record levels of auto production, Honda’s CO2e (equivalent) emissions intensity of automobile production in North America decreased 10% from the previous year.

Honda’s ambitious global environmental goal is to by 2050, if the world still exists as we know it, halve total CO2 emissions from its products and operations globally as compared to 2000 levels.

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