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Details on Cadillac’s New Naming System

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When Cadillac announced last week that its all-new Omega flagship sedan would be called the CT6, the brand ushered in an entirely new naming system, one that Johan de Nysschen believes will make its names easier to understand and put it on track to being competitive with German automakers like BMW and Audi. What the announcement lacked, however, was clear details on how Cadillac’s new naming system would work.

Shortly after the announcement, two sources from Cadillac confirmed that, while the other names will all eventually change, the Escalade’s name will remain unchanged. Now, Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer, Uwe Ellinghaus, has provided even more detail in an interview with Forbes on Cadillac’s new naming system, saying that “future SUVs will have an ‘XT’ and cars will have a ‘CT’ and the number behind each pair of letters will indicate its size in the hierarchy.”

2015 Cadillac Escalade Details on Cadillac’s New Naming System

Despite Cadillac’s new naming system, the Escalade’s name should remain the same.

This system is also meant to help potential buyers determine the type of vehicle, its relative size, and its capabilities. It is hoped that, eventually, this will clear up any potential confusion among buyers.

“It’s a logical thing to give some mental space like this in your naming scheme,” Ellinghaus commented. “So many other brands have done that sort of thing, across industries. It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t fit our immediate business needs, but this simple logic will help us build this brand and enhance recognition over the long term.”

News Source: Forbes

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