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How to Determine Where to Host a Trunk or Treat Event

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How to Determine Where to Host a Trunk or Treat Event

How to Determine Where to Host a Trunk or Treat Event

If you drive down the street, you’ll probably already see one or two houses with Halloween decorations up, and there will only be more in the weeks to come. (Let’s just hope we don’t see any Christmas decorations until long after the Halloween ones come down.) That means it’s time to start planning all your Halloween festivities. What costume will you wear? What costumes will your kids wear? Are you going to decorate your own house? Will there be any fun parties—or should you throw your own? And, perhaps most importantly (or at least to the youngsters), when and where will you be trick-or-treating this year?

Of course, you could always consider attending—or, if you’re up for it, hosting—a Trunk or Treat event instead. But what is Trunk or Treat? Simply put, a Trunk or Treat event is a whole night of trick-or-treating, but instead of going door-to-door in a neighborhood, children will go car trunk to car trunk in a designated safe space with approved participants. Families and friends go all-out decorating their trunks, or entire cars, with a theme. It could be scary or silly—your choice!

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What’s special about Trunk or Treat events is that the party isn’t over after the candy’s been collected. You can have all sorts of fun and games going on with your close family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and classmates in your centralized party location, like bobbing for apples or a cookout. The only problem that remains, however, is determining where to host a Trunk or Treat event, as it requires a big open space that several dozens of cars can access easily and safely.

How to Determine Where to Host a Trunk or Treat Event

An example of a trunk on Trunk or Treat night
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Never fear: figuring out where to host a Trunk or Treat doesn’t have to be stressful. First, consider places that you know are giving in nature and/or like to foster creativity in children. Great places to start are local churches, particularly your own, or your child’s school. Also consider community centers that are geared toward children’s activities.

You can also try to reserve a local park, but there may be fees involved. Another idea is sectioning off a back road in a quiet neighborhood with orange traffic cones, though you’ll want to contact the city before making that decision.

Local businesses might also be open to giving up parking lot space for a Trunk or Treat event, especially if it gives them any kind of local press. Be cautious, however, as the business might want to open it up to the public, and one of the benefits of hosting your own Trunk or Treat is knowing that your children are getting candy from trusted individuals.

How to Determine Where to Host a Trunk or Treat Event

Trunk or Treat pumpkins
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Hold up, though—just because you’ve determined where to host a Trunk or Treat event does not mean all the hard work is over. (But trust me, it pays off.) Check out our complete guide on how to organize a Trunk or Treat for more information.

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