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Did Jeremy Clarkson Just Steal a Corvette Z06?

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Jeremy Clarkson tweets Corvette photo

The answer to this headline is almost certainly “no.”

But the tweet from canned Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson that prompted it—which simply reads, “I took this today…”—is so vague, that we have no choice but to speculate wildly about its meaning. And so, speculate wildly we shall…

Does this tweet mean that Clarkson literally took a 2015 C7 Corvette Z06? Like, he just took one, when nobody was looking, and he’s not going to give it back?

No, it probably means that he took it for a spin, presumably for the purpose of reviewing it. But for whom would he be reviewing it, after he was famously fired from his BBC television program? He does occasionally write car reviews for The Sunday Times, but there are cameras in the background, which implies this review is being filmed.

What’s more, there appear to be people in tuxedos who are sitting behind a desk like a panel of figure skating judges, which implies that they’re doing some sort of a humorous bit. Clarkson’s old show Top Gear, if you’ll recall, frequently did humorous bits.

Does that mean that Clarkson is already working on a new car show? Or, as he implied recently, that he’s already un-fired and back working on his old show for the BBC?

Until Clarkson starts using all of the 140 characters he’s allotted on Twitter, we have no way of knowing.