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Diesel-Powered Kias Still Possible for U.S. Market

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The American car market has far fewer diesel-powered models than European markets, though automakers like Volkswagen, BMW, and even Chevy are seeking to change the landscape here a little bit. Next on the list could be Kia, as Just Auto is reporting that diesel-powered Kias are a distinct possibility for the States, although not for three or four more years.

It makes sense that Kia would want to tackle the diesel segment. The automaker has been looking to break into several new segments here in the U.S., as recently evidenced by its K900 and the soon-to-launch Soul EV. The automaker just needs to break into these new and exciting segments in a way that makes sense financially.

Kia K900 | Diesel-Powered Kias

The Kia K900

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Orth Hedrick, vice president of product planning for Kia Motors America, told Just Auto, “The problem right now is that there are different emissions standards in Europe and the US, which means we would be faced with different after-treatments, and that makes it very expensive.

“But with EU6 in 2017 – 18,” he added, “there would be the same standards in both Europe and the U.S., and that gives us a better chance.”

If Kia hopes to find continued success in the United States (and it should hope that, as the U.S. has become the automaker’s most important market), diesel-powered Kias may be important to consider. Diesel is finally gaining the favor of eco-minded individuals, who had long suffered from nightmares about the poisonous, diesel-powered Oldsmobile death traps from the 70s and 80s. And as diesel continues to gain favor, it will grow more and more important to have a diesel offering.

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