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Dirty Car Art: Artist Creates Masterpieces on Dusty Car Windows

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Dirty Car Art Toyota

Dirty Car Art: Neuschwanstein Castle for German TV show, “Galileo”  Photo Dirty Car Art

You know when you see a really dirty car or truck, and someone has used a finger to paint the words “clean me” amidst the dirt? Well, one artist has taken it a step further. Scott Wade, based in Wimberley, Texas, is frequently hired by advertising agencies, PR firms, and event management companies to draw masterpieces on dirty rear car windows for events, and he also works art shows, festivals, and auto shows. [ See Wade’s art in the gallery below ]

Wade’s talent was realized at a fairly early age. He grew up on a dirt road and was often surrounded by dusty cars. He started off by “doodling” in the dust on the cars’ back windows, and found that he was quite good at it. He experimented with shading, and eventually transitioned to using paintbrushes, which is the same technique he uses to this day. In the summer of 2003, Wade decided to take his talent on the road, and has been doing so ever since. Each piece of art can take anywhere between a few minutes and a few hours, but on average it take Wade between 90 minutes and three hours to complete his masterpieces.

Wade’s Dirty Car Art has been featured in newspapers and magazines worldwide, as well as on TV in a variety of countries. While Wade does not discriminate when it comes to brands of dirty cars, we were fairly impressed by the collection of dirty Toyota art in the gallery below.