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Dodge-Chevy-Ford “ChaMarAng” is an American Muscle Car Hyrdra

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Self-professed “automotive manipulator” Theophilus Chin has rendered something that’s basically the American muscle car equivalent of ManBearPig—it’s half Challenger, half Camaro, and half Mustang.

It’s called… the “ChaMarAng.”

The name is a obviously portmanteau of the three cars it combines: the front-end of a Dodge Challenger, the basic body of the new sixth-gen Chevy Camaro, and the rear of a Ford Mustang. When you try saying it out loud, the name sounds sort of like “sham meringue,” which makes us picture a phony topping on a deceitful lemon pie.

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“Last week I offended the Italians with the Ferrari crossover rendering,” Chin wrote on his website. “This week, I’m hiding from the Americans because of these, a weird combination of Chevrolet Camaro with the front of Dodge Challenger and rear of Ford Mustang.”

Although it’s no doubt upsetting to purists, the imaginary car doesn’t look that unusual. Strip away the contradictory logos and give the thing its own made-up badge, and it would probably pass as a convincing (if highly derivative) American muscle car.

For most performance enthusiasts, though, the car’s schizophrenic design wouldn’t be the main selling point. The real question, of course, is what kind of power are you packing underneath that imaginary hood?

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